Have You Guys Seen the Korean Migos?

The plug is in Seoul right now, apparently.

Jan 7 2015, 3:14pm

Korea has a vibrant hip-hop scene. There's nobody more vibrant in the US hip-hop scene than Migos. So it obviously stands to reason that there would be a Korean Migos. Here they are.

We recently covered YG Entertainment rapper Bobby's great year in 2014, but we failed to make the connection. Some brave Twitter sleuths dug up this footage of the trio of Bobby, The Qquiet, and Dok2 performing at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong, and HOLY SHIT IT IS FIRE FLAMES AND ABSOLUTELY THE KOREAN VERSION OF MIGOS. Shouts out to Twitter users @COol_1ne and @CoryTownes for making the connection. You guys are basically the Ban Ki-Moon of finding the plug.

Listen to that Migos flow, especially when Dok2 chops his syllables down into individual beats at the very end. Look at all that gold. I am sprouting Versace accessories as we speak. I just became fluent in Korean because money is a universal language. I just saw a vision of world unity where the Migos and the Korean Migos come together and replace the UN. Holy shit.

According to K-pop news site YGUnited, the lyrics to this song, "YGGR#Hip-Hop," are:

"I will let you look through my glasses, look closer, who’s on stage? You or me? Do you know why the poor and homeless foreign workers are the real tough cookies? Endure the harsh reality. I bring smile upon my face by working like a dog. Picture yourself on the money bed. All the moaning and jealousy will never win over me. I keep on stacking through my music, living my dream. I’m a proud boy band member, working hard to earn my share to be with my mother once again. We won’t be broke no more, it’s time to rebuild my home. I don’t care if I lose, just show me the money.”

PICTURE YOURSELF ON THE MONEY BED. Picture. Yourself. On the. Money. Bed.

When you picture yourself on the money bed:

This is the hardest song ever recorded. Watch the first two minutes of the award show footage below, and tell me otherwise.

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