The Mynabirds' Video for "Velveteen" Is a Beautiful Blood Bath

Vampires. Always so tortured and sexy.

Mar 21 2016, 3:03pm
Produced by Matthew Berkowitz and Jeff Katz at "Nero-Films"

Vampires. Universally sexy. Blood, starlight, hot breath on the neck before the perfect puncture. Here we find a solo vamp (Mynabirds' Laura Burhenn) stalking the streets, looking wan, getting in an altercation with a douchebag and finding her honor defended by a stranger, and then, well, then it all goes perfectly pearshaped and boy does the blood gush. An estuary of ruby red.

Lifted from her third album, Lovers Know (out now via Saddle Creek), "Velveteen" is just the right side of breathy—"Baby go easy on me"—Laura exhales, lovelorn, sexy.

"I'm really proud of this video. It's the darkest (and bloodiest) thing I've ever made, and the vampire narrative the directors (Luke Hanlein and Ian Roche) put into it adds a dimension to the song that makes it feel like something fresh, even to me—I love it," explains singer Laura Burhenn. "Vampires are takers by nature—they have to be to survive. And the world is full of them. But it's amazing what a little kindness can do in the face of that, making someone want to give instead of take, save instead of destroy. I loved embodying that whole idea… and getting covered in so much blood in the process. And it was pretty fun killing (or not?) my guitarist, Reese Richardson. Keep your eye out for Sky Ferreira's drummer, Joe Zizzo, too. Killer bad guy."

Watch it and nibble the neck of your lover soon.

The Mynabirds are touring the West Coast right now.