SIVIK's "U Got" Sounds Like a Boy Band Member Gone Rogue

Apparently someone thought SIVIK was actually Zayn Malik's new solo guise.

Apr 15 2015, 3:22pm

So what do we know about SIVIK?

He has a monster quiff that must take a lot of maintenance.

He likes piercings.

He released his debut song "High" two weeks ago and it's already had 100k plus listens.

Some have speculated that SIVIK is actually the alter ego of Zayn Malik—post 1D. Could it be so? One thing is clear: "U Got" makes no bones about its (synth)pop sensibilities. That pre-chorus is pure fondue—cheesy-good like the Backstreet Boys, but so catchy and cute that you really don't care.

"'U Got' is basically that feel-good, can't stop thinking about... all you want to do is be with your main babe type of song," explains SIVIK of his sugar rush hit of a song. "It describes, at least for me, the awesome moments of being with someone you really care about. When everything in that relationship is going right and nothing else really matters. It's the vulnerable side of the human condition we all crave whether we admit to it or not."

Now the question is when will we see his face?!

Kim Taylor Bennett loves fondue. She's on Twitter.