Hold the Phone! Mount Kimbie Have Dropped a New Thing Called "Jupiter"

The gently throbbing track was made using their new Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Pack, and is the first piece of proper music we've had from the duo in over two years.

Apr 11 2016, 9:27am

These have been dry times for Mount Kimbie fans. Aside from the odd radio rip here and there—like the untitled James Blake jam they dropped last year—there has been little moisture to thirst upon in over two years, ever since the murky lowkey masterpiece that was Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

Today, we're premiering a brand new piece you can actually get your suckers into and meditate on for a while. The track is called "Jupiter"—named after the Roland Jupiter-8 synthesizer that spawned it—and was made using a brand new sample pack which the South London duo have created for the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library. That might all sound a bit official, but the resulting track is a gentle throbbing beauty, and sounds a bit like lying on your back in cold grass, looking up at the night stars, and thinking about absolutely fuck all.

If you like the sound of it and you know how to produce, then you should go check out the finer details of the sample pack here. For now, just listen to "Jupiter" and chill.