PREMIERE: Listen to Big Jesus's New Song "SP"

This Atlanta crew marry hardcore influences with 90s guitar rock sensibilities and melodies that are pure scuzzy pop.

May 25 2016, 5:16pm

Atlanta quartet Big Jesus have been causing a stir in their local scene for a while now, meshing big riffs and pop-heavy melodies, honing a sound that’s simultaneously bold and accessible. Their new record, Oneiric, doubles down on that concept, both heavier and more melodic than before.

The first track from the record—“SP”—premiering below, encapsulates the sound perfectly, its riff a nod to Deftones, the vocals dreamier and more spaced out. Spencer Ussery’s voice sits somewhere between Billy Corgan and Silversun Pickups’ Brian Aubert, but he’s more relaxed than either, happy to sit on top of the mix and drive it home rather than battle the concrete guitars around him.

The track was a personal journey for guitarist CJ Ridings, too: “If you've written music, or anything else for that matter, you probably know about the love/hate relationship you can go through with what you create. You can get hung up on so many tiny details, like one word or note. ‘SP’ was one of those scenarios for me, but after being put through the grinder of the recording process, the song has become one of my favorites.”

Check out the track below.

Oneiric is out this fall and the band will play Wrecking Ball ATL Festival on Aug 13/14.