Drake's Music Video for "Energy" Is the Craziest Shit We've Ever Seen

See Drake with his friends and his Rob Ford impersonation.

Jul 10 2015, 4:00pm

All rise for the honourable Mayor Drake Ford. In his video for "Energy" directed by Fleur & Manu and released through Apple Music, Drake is definitely in on the joke. He's got his face everywhere, either reflecting on his influence in pop culture or just flexing on people with ridiculous visuals for the sake of it.

No one is safe in the insane visuals, not even close friend Justin Bieber, who gets Drake-ified to startling results. Overall this video is too ridiculous to be anything but successful, proving once again the childhood adage that all bullied kids hear: if you make fun of yourself first, nobody else will make fun of you. And while Apple Music manages to snag a a video from the biggest rapper in the world, TIDAL users continue to enjoy the Free Weezy Album.