Migos Tell You to "Pipe It Up, Pipe It Up, Pipe It Up"

Remember, before this song, nobody ever said "Pipe It Up."

Jul 7 2015, 6:40pm

It's hard not to be excited for Migos new record YRN: The Album. We all have July 31 circled multiple times on our calendar in the biggest sharpies we could find. Every night before we sleep, we make a small prayer to let this album leak early so we can hear it. Luckily Migos have tied us over a little bit with "Pipe It Up." It's a sampling of what we want from the bigger picture; it's got all three members going back and forth yelling "pipe it up" to different situations. Your girl, a nice new car, that basic bitch, everything. Before you know it, you're going to say "pipe it up" as a response to anything your friends ask you to do. Listen to the song below, and read our interview with Murdabeatz right here.