Tame Impala - 'Lonerism'

A wobbly jelly of psych and drone.

Sep 24 2012, 7:30pm


Modular, 2012

  • Favorites:

    "Apocalypse Dreams," "Keep on Lying"


    Whatever You Can Find In The Medicine Cabinet



  1. Be Above It
  2. Endors Toi
  3. Apocalypse Dreams
  4. Mind Mischief
  5. Music to Walk Home By
  6. Why Won't They Talk To Me?
  7. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
  8. Keep on Lying
  9. Elephant
  10. She Just Won't Believe Me
  11. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
  12. Sun's Coming Up
  13. Led Zeppelin

It's not every day that the best psychedelic band around right now makes an entire album for people who think that "Rain" was the best Beatles B-side. As opposed to the power-trio creaming of Innerspeaker, Lonerism doesn't spend all its time trying to convince you you're listening to three amazing musicians jamming their nuts off. Rather, it attempts to convince you you're listening to Rubber Soul being played inside Syd Barrett's medicine cabinet on a radio made of amethyst. A wobbly, avowedly-Anglo jelly of psych and drone.