Stuff Your Gross Face with Hardcore by Watching Strange Wilds' New Video, "Slime"

Like every citizen of Olympia, all the members have already been in bands you haven't heard of.

Zachary Lipez

Zachary Lipez

Strange Wilds is an excellent new hardcore band who are hardcore for young bucks and buck-ettes who like their Annihilate This Week without that patented Henry Rollins fear of girls, a noise rock act for noise rock fans tired of every noise band sounding like Jesus Lizard minus the swing, and driving music for generally amiable scumbags like yourself to hang out in the parking lot of Cumberland Farms and chain smoke Winstons to. Strange Wilds, who were called Wet before an “on the rise” band (who I’m sure are fine, but they aren’t hardcore, so who cares) with the same moniker protested, are yet another in a long line of very fine Olympia, Washington, punk bands. Like every citizen of Olympia, they’re all former members of bands (Cult Ritual, Sixes, and Outlook) you like/have never heard of. It’s a little known fact that if you aren’t an ex-member of a band, you can’t move to Olympia, Washington. They just won’t let you. Babies not formerly in bands are drowned at birth. So cruel.

Strange Wild’s new EP is a loveable dirge train that alternates between dread and tantrum. Just like me between naps. It is out now on Seattle’s Inimical Records, home to post-charge champions Arctic Flowers and a number of other bands whose fans have dogs, back-patches, and a want of spare change. I highly suggest you check out the boss video they gave Noisey to premiere. It might be the most existential despairing piece of art ever committed to film (or video, or bytes—fuck man, I dunno, I didn’t go to film school). Be sure to check out the EP stream below, as well as to buy the 7” and DJ it at your next stick-n-poke sock hop.