Ruane Maurice's "Nomenclature" Is the Soundtrack to Your Next Imaginary Ketamine Trip

The lead single from the band's upcoming self-titled debut.

Jun 17 2014, 3:00pm

I've never done ketamine, but the British band Ruane Maurice's new song "Nomenclature" reminds me of a hypothetical situation in which I might be on K at, like, 4AM in a dingy club in Shoreditch (which is a place I have never actually been to), grinding my jaws relentlessly to RM's multiverse of synths while being egged on by their creepy-sounding rap-guy. As the four-on-the-floor beat ends, I stumble back to my flat, which is a word that Americans do not use, and relentlessly masturbate without finishing, which is a thing that Americans sometimes do. What I'm trying to say is Ruane Maurice are masters of painting a sonic mise en scéne, and drugs (even in hypothetical situations such as this one) are bad. "Nomenclature" is the lead single from Ruane Maurice's self-titled debut, due out September 9th on Stars & Letters.