Blue Foundation's New Video for "Describe" Will Make You Wanna Grab Somebody and Fall In Love Forever

Mmmm. Kisses.

Apr 14 2014, 6:49pm

It's springtime and the sun is shining and people are walking down the street while holding hands because that's what you do when it's springtime and the sun is shining. Love is in the air. Life is to be lived. People are to be kissed. Cliches are meant to be said. To celebrate this glorious time of year, Noisey is stoked to premiere the new video for "Describe" from Blue Foundation (which has also been nominated for Best Online Video from the Berlin Video Awards). The black and white clip follows a simple couple in the woods, living their day to day lives, taking care of one another, reminding us that—even if you think you'll be alone forever—there is someone out there for you. Or there's at least music videos that will make you feel like there is someone out there for you.