Watch the Video for Michael Christmas f/ Manu Manzo's "Jackie Brown"

Is this art?

Dec 18 2013, 3:25pm

Boston's very own Michael Christmas has gone from Michael Cera to Jackie Brown on his new single. He's gearing up to release Is This Art?, his first full length project, early next year.

Christmas (Hehehe, perfect timing) teams up with Boston singer Manu Manzo on the Jasper Sheff produced "Jackie Brown." It's smooth; Manzo's vocals and the twinkling production lay a perfect foundation for Christmas' clever, conversational raps that touch on everything from eating Stouffers' mac and cheese to taking his oatmeal as seriously as money. This video makes me want to eat Cup of Noodles. Props to Christmas' younger sister for one of the best cameos of 2013, too. Watch "Jackie Brown" above, and keep an eye out for Is This Art? next year.