The Video for Dorothy's "After Midnight" Will Make You Believe in Love

The L.A. band is here to get grimy.

Jun 10 2014, 4:45pm

Kicking ass in ruby slippers, that’s what Dorothy does. The band's new video release for “After Midnight” is straight power and style on all fronts. The track features heavy drums clashing about as lead singer Dorothy belts robust vocals with a stern beat. The video flips through spotlight, angled shots, which depict Dorothy getting down in fur and blushed lipstick. Meanwhile, guitar, bass, and drums blare away in the background, creating the perfect modern rock concoction. Think Sleigh Bells intensity birthing a baby with Patti Smith’s gritty vocals. The heavy-riffed band hails from Los Angeles. Peep the track above to see the lead singer shed a sick faux-fur coat to show a cut up Metallica t-shirt—or just to restore your faith in the modern rock scene.