Here Is Zulu Pearls' New Video

Here is Zulu Pearls' new video for "Hard & Young," which follows the singer's dad through the dingy nightspots of an anonymous American town.

Feb 18 2013, 2:20pm

Here's Zulu Pearls' new video for "Hard & Young," which follows a Hawaiian shirt-clad nightowl through the dreary streets of an anonymous American town. The video, directed and shot by singer Zach Van Hoozer, stars his father, Paul Van Hoozer. Zach had been going through his dad's old yearbooks and found old signatures confirming what a rager his dad used to be, so to revive that vibe, Zach threw a Hawaiian shirt on his dad's back and followed him through dingy bowling alleys, diners, and dance floors. Here's a note from Zach on the video:

"This video for "Hard & Young" I shot and edited myself and was personal to make because the "actor" in the video happens to be my father Paul Van Hoozer. I'd found some old year books of his inscribed with messages dedicated to "Hoozer-Boozer" about nights out on the town and I thought it would be fun to re-visit that vibe. In the video, we follow him on a solo night out in my hometown of Arlington, VA just outside of Washington D.C. He bowls, drinks some beers, hits the diner and eventually lucks out on a great party going on inside of a karaoke bar we originally thought was abandoned. Goes to show you're never too old for a good time."

The song is featured on No Heroes No Honeymoons, which the band self-released today. You can pick that up right here.