Fuzz Is Eternal in Max's New Jam, "Muff"

The former Chester French member sets the bar high for his upcoming record '10 Songs.'

Jun 2 2016, 4:57pm

Photo courtesy Maxwell Drummey

Hearing a guitar riff with no effects can often be like ordering a sandwich and getting back two slices of bread. Yeah, clearly you gotta have a solid melody and a grip on how to play the music, but if you've got that down why wouldn't you want to go hog wild and really fuck with the music? Max is the new project from musician and multi-instrumentalist Maxwell Drummey, who you may recognize from his tenure as one half of 2000s indie hip-hop wunderkinds Chester French. Today he's premiering the first jam off the upcoming record 10 Songs, with the cheekily titled "Muff." Clearly the song is a reference to the iconic Electro-Harmonix pedal because the song is fuzzed up to delicious levels, warping in samples and effects at its leisure. He takes his ear for guitar and maxes his output to a perfect tone, just the fit for when you wanna laze around with no cares.