Watch a Video from Math the Band the Band’s New Album Which Is Also a Box of Cereal

Math the Band the Band, formerly known as Math the Band, have expanded from a duo to a seven-piece.

Oct 2 2015, 1:30pm

It’s been a minute since we caught up with Math the Band, the sometimes-puking Providence weirdo punk duo. And a lot has changed for them. Here’s what’s new in Math the Band land…

—They are no longer a duo, but have expanded to a seven-piece.

—They have changed their name from Math the Band to Math the Band the Band.

—They have a new album called The Album which you can hear/order on the Math the Band the Bandcamp.

—They recorded The Album with Stephen George, the original drummer of Ministry who also happens to have produced the Space Jam soundtrack.

—They have a pretty epic new wrestling-themed video for “Didn’t Have Time to Think” which you can watch above.

—They don’t have a record label for their new album so they worked with local comic artist Walker Mettling to design a fake cereal called Ouchies. The box of cereal is their album.

—The cereal is “about 20 percent salt, and is not edible by any stretch of the imagination.”

—You can see the cereal below.

—Bless them.