Say Your Prayers and Watch Sabbath Assembly's Bloody New Video for "Ave Satanas"

This one's probably a bit NSFW, unless you work in a slaughterhouse.

Jun 22 2015, 4:11pm

Sabbath Assembly has convened once again under the sign of Satan, but this time, the occult collective has changed its approach. Originally formed as a vehicle for mastermind Dave Christian to pay homage to the music of an infamous cult, The Process Church of the Final Judgement, the project has metamorphosed over the course of several albums, gradually shedding its religious trappings to now arrive at its most secular offering yet. The new self-titled album promises a far more terrestrial approach, rooted in the current members' own love of 80s metal—a lineup which includes Christian on drums, vocalist Jamie Myers, guitarist Kevin Hufnagel, and bassist Johnny DeBlase.

As of now, this assembly sounds more Christian Mistress than Coven. Time will tell whether swapping out their blasphemous hymns for the gospel of metal will prove fruitful for the band, but for now, the video for "Ave Satanas (which was directed by Jacob Grim and is the first chapter of a forthcoming narrative series of videos) gives a tantalizing peek into what kind of wickedness this way comes.

Kim Kelly is casting spells on Twitter: @grimkim