Dinner's Video for "Lie" Is Uncomfortable Beauty Exemplified

The Copenhagen singer and producer's new video is probably his most vulnerable.

May 2 2016, 6:03pm

Photo via Dinner

Danish producer-singer Anders Rhedin, or Dinner, likes to constantly mess with what you expect in pop music. Last month he released his record Psychic Lovers, mixing his penchant and love for 80s synthpop with an unwavering self-awareness. Today he's premiering his newest video for "Lie," one of the album's most stripped-down tracks. It all feels like a song about dualities, the subtle and airy music crossing with his booming, deep voice. Visually it's reflected into the video, just you alone with Dinner in a non-descript room, and a woman who occasionally pops into frame. It's an uncomfortable feeling that puts a complete focus to the music's performance at hand while you stare right into his eyes. "Lie" proves to be one of his most vulnerable tracks, putting his feelings on a short-lived affair on complete display for everyone.

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