PREMIERE: Stream Fuath's Soaring Scottish Black Metal Debut

The new project from Saor's Andy Marshall is a gorgeous introduction to a hypnotic new sound.

Jan 28 2016, 10:21pm

Fuath is the latest black metal endeavor from Andy Marshall, the Scottish multi-instrumentalist who's also behind Saor's grandiose vistas. This new band is equally dependent on atmosphere and melody, but is much more straightfoward than Marshall's other work, leaning heavily towards the cold, hypnotic side of black metal. It's gorgeous stuff, and a hell of a debut.

Think Vemod or Paysage d'Hiver, two bands Marshall cited as big influences. As he explained (and, we might add, totally suceeded in doing), "I wanted to create a cold, hypnotic and melancholic black metal album which tried to capture the feelings I felt listening to these bands. I always come back to these types of bands when winter comes along and I feel their sounds are perfect for this time of year, almost kind of spiritual in a way."

I was mixed and mastered by Spenser Morris, and is out February 1 via Neuropa Records. Embrace the winter chill, and stream it in its entirety below: