NZCA LINES' Video for "Persephone Dreams" Speaks to the Darkness Inside Us All

Sometimes you meet a babe in a bar and she's just a black hole, y'know?

Nov 10 2015, 4:18pm

Ever since way back in 2012, we've been consistently floored by the output of NZCA Lines, a.k.a. London based multi-instrumentalist and mega-nerd, Michael Lovett. His music is emotive, intergalactic synth-pop and last time he dropped a video was at the end of 2014 for "New Atmosphere." It looked as if he'd flown to Pluto to shoot it (in fact it was set in a quarry in Wales) and it was mind-blowing. Since then there's been a whole lot of not much. Or so it seemed. In fact Lovett's been working on his second record, Infinite Summer—which is set to drop on January 22 via Memphis Industries—as well as touring playing guitar and synths in Metronomy, not to mention working with the fabulous and massive-in-Europe Christine and the Queens.

Having now expanded his live lineup to include guitarist Charlotte Hatherley (Bat For Lashes, Ash) and drummer Sarah Jones (Hot Chip), last month he released the first song from said second record. "Persephone Dreams" is a six minute epic that slips by in no time, but leaves an indelible imprint. A-swirl with synths and longingly intimate falsettos, guitar strings are palm-muted and plucked, and just when you think it's all over those synths get super emotional and some steel drums take shit to the next level. Ugh. It's pretty much perfect.

Below is the premiere of the video to accompany this masterful new single, which could glibly be summed up as: sometimes you meet a babe in a bar and she's just a black hole, y'know?

Director Alina Landry-Rancier had some much more eloquent words to say about it: "Melancholic and magnetic Persephone holds a dark secret, deep inside herself. On a night out, while numbing her inner demons, she meets Roman: a sweet charmer, who can’t resist her pull. Will he get lost in her darkness?

"The music video is about how one can get lost within that lucid hopeful promise of a new love, and how we can get sucked in and disappear into the other lover’s darkness. It is also about that lonely, empty feeling within one’s chest and wanting to fill it with a love."

Drink it all in below and then watch it all over again.