Going to SXSW? Here Are Some Business Cards for Your Bullshit Media Job

Get ready to brandegize outside the box.

Mar 16 2015, 2:00pm

SXSW is all about one thing: networking, baby! It’s a whole week of one-on-one tweetups, multi-platform groupthinks, and IRL connections with your fellow web 2.0 social media millennials from interactive agencies, online tech start ups, and development operations firms. Whether you’re in the field of digital content, brand strategy, or media relations marketing, it’s all about getting your name out there.

You’re gonna be so busy face-to-face networking, you might forget the most important thing: business cards! Hand 'em out to everyone you meet. To help you advance your cool, cross-platform digital #media career, we made up some business cards for your very real, totally important, not at all bullshit job title.

Dan Ozzi is on Twitter and looks forward to brandegizing outside the box with you IRL - @danozzi