PREMIERE: Death Valley Girls Are A Revolution, Sexual and Otherwise, On "I'm a Man Too"

It's the second track from the four-piece's new LP, 'Glow in the Dark'.

Alex Robert Ross

Alex Robert Ross

"In the midst of the third great sexual revolution we defy anyone to tell us who is and who is not a man." That’s Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls in an email to Noisey explaining the band’s new single “I’m a Man Too.” There’s no extraneous punctuation, no unnecessary over-explanation. It’s a short, sharp statement that presents an idea, or a new form of one, immediately.

LA-based Death Valley Girls have made a career of such things. Their riffs move between two chords, occasionally three; Bloomgarden's vocals are filtered through the same overdrive as the guitars, the drums, the whole mix; hooks are there to dig into you like tics. Glow in the Dark, the band’s second full-length, out June 10 on Burger Records, is a striking record, all brazen fury and bratty beats, something resembling hard rock before Sabbath. And “I’m a Man Too,” with its blues progression and lip-curled vocals, would be a standout if it weren’t for the record’s remarkable consistency.

Check out the track below.

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