Noise Meets Noise: Daniel Menche and Mamiffer Join Forces on the Supremely Hypnotic 'Crater'

Watch the video for "Crater (Calyx Remix)" from this not-unlikely pairing of noise aficionados.

Nov 6 2015, 8:06pm

Photo courtesy of Sige Records

The video for Daniel Menche and Mamiffer's "Crater (Calyx Remix)" sucks you in immediately.The aural portion of the experience—created by the collaboration between the noise icon and the experimental duo— revolves around loops of soft, wheezing drones and sparse piano, a soothing wash of sound that invites the mind to wander. The accompanying visuals are layered and frantic—a snowstorm, a rainstorm, a storm of light. It's beautiful.

Mamiffer guitarist, electronic manipulator, and vocalist (and Hydra Head label boss) Aaron Turner gave us some background on the new project. ""Some years ago Mamiffer made contact with Daniel Menche, originally motivated purely by our interest in his music. Subsequently we've become great friends with Daniel and have frequently collaborated on various remix, video, performance and recording projects. Somehow though, the process of making a full collaborative album together stretched into a multi-year process. The end result is a very satisfying synthesis between our approach to melody and structure, and Daniel's heavy emphasis on texture and sonic density."

"Additionally, the process of making many field recordings together for this record while hiking and exploring nature, was a lot of fun— our mutual obsession with field recordings is one of the things that drew us together in the first place. The enjoyment of each others company in the process of making something together added a lot of meaning to the music itself, and made it all much more like play than work."

Crater is currently available for streaming, as well; and preorder the album on a variety of formats from Sige Records.