ACES Are On Cruise Control In Their Sublime Video for "I'm Already Gone"

Sonic Xanax you can procure sans prescription.

Nov 4 2015, 3:00pm

Did you guys ever used to watch My So-Called Life? Well there's this great episode (ep 13) where Angela Chase finally starts making out with Jordan Catalano and he's teaching her how to drive in his dreamy cherry red Mustang and she says to him: "Do you ever get obsessed with the rearview mirror, like, while you're driving?" She's looking at his mouth in the mirror and then he jumps on her and they kiss. She's a terrible driver but what an amazing scene, and the above still from ACES' video for "I'm Already Gone" really makes me wanna watch that ep all over again.

Or maybe not. Instead watch this video from the Brooklyn duo—that's Russ Flynn and Alexandra Stewart—which will transport you to a whole different dimension.

They had this to say about the whole shebang: "ACES currently has this whole cars and phones thing going on. 'Already Gone' connects Brooklyn and Honolulu through a phone call and where we experience a sun-drenched escape. There's this idea of being in control again, driving on an epic coastal highway. The song releases with an 80s-inspired stereo guitar solo that just kills every time."

With its pulsing synths and diaphanous vocals "I'm Already Gone" is a pure hit of pop Xanax—ever so soothing and easily procured sans prescription. Just watch below and for more ACES listen here.

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