PREMIERE: Palmas - "Stay Away"

Bad girls get all the best songs.

Jul 13 2015, 12:30pm

According to Adam, Eric, Kurt, Pat, and Matthew, "The most driving forces in our lives are love, sex, money, and power. Since we don't have any money or power, we’ll stick to writing about the first two."

Keep trucking and maybe the other two will come later! In any case, this first song and video from the NY/Philly-based band is all about bad girls—because they're the most fun to write about, of course. It's an organ slink of a tune, overlaid with lightly reverbed vocals reminiscent both in treatment and tone of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. Kurt calls it "James Bond with a twist of beach vibes," which is a pretty on-the-nose assessment.

"Stay Away was also one of the first we wrote as a full band," Kurt continues. "The lyrics are dark and the direction of this song paved the way for developing the sound of the band as it stands now. 'Stay Away' is about the two sides that everyone has, the light and the dark and how we tend not to see the dark side in others until it's too late."

As for the video, well, it's a hazy string out of images and good times. Who's the bad girl in this sitch? Find out below.

"Stay Away" is Palmas' debut official release, the first of a flipside EP out on Lost Colony Music.