PREMIERE: Here's Alice MK's "All in Your Head"

Youngblood Hawke's Alice MK drops another solo tune—a fiery FU to self-doubt and societal pressure. It also sounds so 90s you'll need to grab your stretch tattoo choker.

Jul 20 2016, 6:49pm

"On a daily basis, we're barraged by images and ideas about how to look, how to live, and what to think. 'All in Your Head' celebrates shedding these limiting pressures in exchange for lives spent valuing our intrinsic worth and discovering our uniqueness."

This is what Alice MK has to say about her new song. Truthsayer! "All in Your Head" has a chorus that's Godzilla big, it's the soundtrack to kicking ass. Accordingly, MK's tune comes off like a song from The Craft soundtrack. Very 90s. Very angsty, but empowering with it too. You may recognize MK as a member of power pop crew Youngblood Hawke (who are huge), but of late she's been busy making music under her solo moniker (listen to more here).

So grab your stretch tattoo choker and flannel shirt and stomp your self-doubt into the ground.