Their Name is The Holydrug Couple, So You Know That "Dreamy" Is Gonna Be Blissed Out

Check out the new track due this spring via Sacred Bones

Mar 2 2015, 6:13pm

“Dreamy,” by The Holydrug Couple, is an aptly titled track on an aptly titled album (Moonlust) by this duo from Santiago, Chille. There is certainly a sense that this band is emotionally longing for something, and filtering that through layered synth pop hooks. There is a psych undertone but dark pop is king; it's a good track to put on some headphones and walk around and feel lonely. Even the album cover is psychedelic, like a puddle in the street with gasoline in it, which is one of the coolest things to see on the street.

The Holydrug Couple is made up of members Ives and Manu. According to Ives, Moonlust lyrically conjures “feeling lust, desire, for something that you see when it’s dark but it’s so far away that it’s unreachable. It’s an unrealistic target, like God, maybe, or a dream archetype of a goddess. It’s the feeling of melancholy that you can’t fulfill with anything.” The album is out in May, but peep a new track NOW.