Rowdy Superstar: "Breathe" Video Premiere

Exclusive video from rapper and producer Rowdy Superstar, as he takes us through his breakdown.

Here's the new track and exclusive video from London-based rapper and producer Rowdy Superstar, who you might recognize from appearing in Mykki Blanco’s "Haze.Boogie.Life" video a couple of weeks back. The track is produced by Matthew Herbert, (y'know, the guy who made an album about the sounds of Tesco supermarket items?!)

The video is an epileptic nightmare, so maybe back up a bit if you have a medical condition, and is suitably weird. It's packed full of visual and vocal distortion, with lots of layered sounds and introspective musings from Rowdy, making it probably the coolest video I've seen about a man on the precipice of a breakdown ever. I quite like him wiling out on his own, in the dark, in a warehouse with only some tiny TVs for company, like, I totally know how you're feeling bbz.

The track's also been remixed by The Invisible and Raisa K from Micachu and The Shapes (south London stand up!) so watch out for those. But for now, just enjoy the video below until his LP, Battery, is released November 12th.