What Do Hate Groups Think of Macklemore?

Macklemore might be antisemitic. Do hate groups want him?

May 20 2014, 2:40pm

On Friday night, popular white rapper Macklemore dove head-first into dumb controversy by performing in a wig, fake beard, and prosthetic nose made him resemble Jewish caricatures from Nazi propaganda. While surely this wasn’t his intention, in the age of the internet an act’s intent is worth way less than its interpretation. Macklemore, who appears to not be very smart, has since apologized, claiming he had no intention of appearing antisemitic.

Macklemore’s reputation as a feel-good rapper meant for moms and puppies and shit might take a hit from this controversy, but it could, hypothetically, win him fans amongst hate groups. So, in light of his newest gaffe, I called a bunch of hate groups up and asked what they thought of him.


Who are they?

Basically, the church that you went to if you were in the KKK. Also, they believe that the Jews killed Jesus, so they aren't big fans. Their members have robbed banks, planted pipe bombs, and tried to start whites-only homelands.

What do they think of Macklemore?

Noisey: Hi, I was just calling to see what you thought of Macklemore?
America's Promise Ministries: I honestly haven’t even… I don’t know too much about him.

Are you aware that last night he dressed in a wig and big nose that looked vaguely antisemetic?
I’m not aware of that.

What would you think of something like that?
I’d have to see the context.

The representative from American Promise then asked me to send her an email with a picture of Macklemore. She did not return my email.


Who are they?

Uh, they're the American Nazi Party. I ended up talking to Cliff Herrington, founder and chairman of the entire National Socialist Freedom Movement, and got his opinion on Macklemore.

What do they think of Macklemore?

Noisey: I was just calling to see what you thought of Macklemore.
Cliff Herrington, Chairman and Founder of the National Socialist Movement: [Laughs] I’m researching him right now to find out who the hell he is.

Wasn’t there an article about him in Portland or Seattle somewhere? He’s a comedian, isn’t he?

He’s a rapper, actually.
Well you can imagine at my old age—I’m 67 years-old—what I’d think of somebody like that. To be honest with you, I think he’s of Jewish origin. I could care less either way.

Uh, I don’t think he is?
So he’s just a rapper of some kind? So you wanted to see what I made of that news article?

I do find it funny, because I did find a picture of him in that costume, and I could see why they would be a little bit distressed about him in the Jewish press. The Jewish community has made a fervent attempt to, shall we say, assimilate, so as a result this would be a blowback on them. They make fun of whites all the time on comedy shows on TV, so I can’t see why they’d be upset by him doing this historical caricature. Even during the Middle Ages it was done. Most people don’t understand the actual origins of the Jewish community and the difference—not necessarily politically, but in genotype. There's the Ashkenazi Jewish individual, which is basically a European with Jewish features, and there's the Sarfati, which is more or less Mediterranean, not diminutive, tending towards a swarthy stature, with darker hair and darker eyes. As you can tell, I—

[At this point, this dude was creeping me the fuck out so I just hung up without asking what any of this had to do with Macklemore.]


Who are they?

Oh, nothing more than your run-of-the-mill crazy Christian cult, founded by a convicted child molester who is now serving a 175-year prison sentence.

What do they think of Macklemore?

Noisey: I was just calling to see what you thought of Macklemore.
Tony Alamo Christian Ministries:
I don’t even know who that is.

You don’t know the song “Thrift Shop?”
I don’t listen to rap music.

Oh, why not?
Because I’m a born-again Christian.

What about gospel-rap?
That’s not real. The Lord did not create gospel-rap.

What do you mean?
There’s a lot of music out there that’s not scriptural. The Lord does not like rap music, he doesn’t like heavy metal, hard rock, he doesn’t like that kind of stuff.

Would the Lord be in favor of a song that promoted thriftiness? Like, say, a song about buying clothes from a thrift shop?
The Lord wants songs sung about salvation and the blood of Jesus and his power and the things that are of the lord. That other stuff is of the world. All that’s in the world is the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes.

So, no songs about thrift shops?
Thrift shops? I don’t listen to songs about thrift shops, that’s not edifying Christian music. Do you see anything about the Lord telling you in the bible about thrift shops? Or shopping? No! You don’t!

But… if you shopped at a thrift shop, you’d have more money to give to your church.
You don’t need a song to tell you that! We spend wisely, but we’re not going to go make a song about it!


Who are they?

The publishers of the leading journal of racist, xenophobic, and antisemitic writings in the western world.

What do they think of Macklemore?

Noisey: Hey, I was just calling to see what you thought of Macklemore.
The Social Contract Press:
I don’t know who that is.

He’s a white rapper. He believes in spending wisely and equality, and last night he wore a costume that could have been interpreted as antisemitic.
I’m not familiar with him, and I don’t think anybody else here is either.

What do you think of hip-hop in general?
I don’t think you have the right number.

Yes I do.
I can’t give you an opinion because I don’t even know who that person is.


Who are they?

The guys who would like to secede from the Union. Again.

What do they think of Macklemore?

Noisey: What do you think of Macklemore?
Alabama Chapter of the League of the South: I really don’t know who Mr. Macklemore is. This is a real estate business, sir.

OK, sorry, I must have the wrong number.

[I then checked the number, only to realize that the Alabama chapter of the League of the South is also a real estate office. So, I called back.]

Wait, so why is this number listed on the League of the South website?
Why is that of your concern?

I’m a member of the media. I want to see what the Alabama chapter of the League of the South thinks of Macklemore, and I wanted to make sure I had the right number.
You called and asked to speak with someone who wasn’t here, and then you ask what I think of a rap singer? That’s not very professional of you. I’d be glad to take your name and number, that’d be the way we’d handle that.

OK! My name is Drew Millard; my number is—
I’m sorry, I don’t do shorthand.


Who are they?

One of the many white supremacist groups claiming the mantle of the original Ku Klux Klan.

What do they think of Macklemore?

Noisey: What do you think of Macklemore?
Automated Message from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan:
You have reached the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Our last rally on May 19th was a great success. Many new members were sworn into the invisible empire. We, the Klan, believe in white separatism, not white supremacy. We believe no race should be placed above another; we do believe we should live separate as God intended in Genesis 11:5.28, as Christ also states in Matthew 5:32. If you have any interest in joining the Klan, go to our website www.kkkknights.com. Leave your name and number with an area code, and we will get back to you. Always remember, if it ain’t white, it ain’t right. White power.


Photo credit: Matt Mills McKnight

Who are they?

Referred to as a terrorist organization by the FBI, the Aryan Nation believes the Jew is "the natural enemy of the white race." They also have a robust prison outreach program, and are linked with the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. Presumably, they don't do well at parties.

What do they think of Macklemore?

Noisey: What do you think of Macklemore?
The Aryan Nation:

Macklemore. He’s a rapper. He made “Thrift Shop.”
I don’t know. I don’t keep up with those rappers much.

Why not?
I don’t know. It’s just not something I’m interested in.

What are you interested in?
Country… country. Some blues.

If a country or blues musician came out onstage wearing an antisemitic mask, how would you react?
…A country person wearing a mask?

…Resembling a negative Jewish stereotype.
I don’t know what that would be.

Like a hook nose?
Oh, I’ve got a hook nose. I’m not Jewish.

I don’t think I’ve seen a country music player wearing a mask. Unless he was robbing a 7/11. Who’d you say you were?

I’m a reporter with VICE Magazine.
Never heard of it.

We’re from New York.

Drew Millard is the Features Editor of Noisey. He's on Twitter - @drewmillard


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