PREMIERE: Here's Woolf and the Wondershow's Debut EP 'We Need to Talk'

The LA baroque-pop duo have been dropping peppy tunes online for a minute, but this is their first committed collection.

Jun 6 2016, 2:22pm

Their songs are much less ominous than this debut EP title suggests. In fact LA duo Woolf and the Wondershow specialize in a kind of zingy pop laden with strings and synths, skippy beats and soaring toplines, the occasional harpsichord and a whistle line ("Talking to the Mirror"—about a light fingered lady). The shadowy duo, comprised of producer and singer Christopher J Baran and film composer Benjamin J Romans say their aim is to "create a baroque pop epic."

"From the beginning we wanted to push the boundaries of cinematic and modern pop music by blending the two into our own sonic landscape," the pair explain. "When we began the process of writing the EP, it was more song based dressed in a dark romantic production. As the months passed, we then started crafting a narrative to push the songs into a tale of love, loss, and fiery passion. These songs now are the blueprint of our concept live immersive performances that are being workshopped out of downtown Los Angeles."

Listen to the EP—out June 10—in its entirety above.