Stream Soul Rebels New Mixtape 'Power = Power' & Hang Out with Rick Ross

Admit it: Rick Ross fits perfectly with a brass ensemble.

Dec 3 2013, 5:24pm

The Soul Rebels, New Orleans' finest brass ensemble, just dropped their latest mistape, Power = Power, which Noisey is happy to premiere. Listen to the tape below, which includes renditions of songs by Jay Z, Drake, and Kanye West. There's also a pretty interesting take on "Get Lucky," (which, if you didn't hear, was this past year's #songofthesummer). This isn't your standard wave, but the group's music is a funky new way to look some classic hits—so enjoyable that Rick Ross actually made a trip down to New Orleans earlier this year to join them at their recording studio, the Music Shed. We're also premiering a video of that experience above. And let's be real: Rick Ross + brass instruments = just so so much swag.