Let the Copyrights Remind You What Pop Punk Should Sound Like

Listen to the first side of their new record, 'Report.'

Aug 18 2014, 5:00pm

As most people will tell you, there are two sides to the current state of pop punk. There’s the side that proudly carries the torches of the genre’s pioneers like the Riverdales, the Queers, and Screeching Weasel. And then there is the uh, “other” side—the side with hairstyle-focused bands who milk a radio single for all its worth until they marry d-list celebrities and fade into obscurity. The Copyrights proudly stand on the former side.

More than just a pop punk glory days nostalgist band, the Illinois-based fourpiece now has over a decade of jam-crafting under their belt and it's starting to show. With each release, they seem to get a little more polished, while still maintaining that lightning fast scrappiness. On their new album, Report, the Copys really swing for the fences–more of their trademark sing-alongs about being proudly and helplessly broke and/or in debt but with songs hitting harder and the melodies landing like powerful punches. It’s the stuff that keeps pop punk alive. The good pop punk, anyway.

Report will be released digitally tomorrow via Red Scare Industries (who are celebrating their tenth year as a record label/bunch of jerks). You can listen to the first side of the record below. That’s right, baby, side A, old-school style. You have to order the thing to hear it all . Oh, and if you’re in Europe, catch the Copyrights on tour at the below dates.

03.09.2014 FRA / Besançon / Les Passagers du Zinc

04.09.2014 FRA/ Selestat / Le Tigre

05.09.2014 NL / Rotterdam / Worm

06.09.2014 B / Vorselaar/ Veusseleir Calling w/ Mickey Erg

07.09.2014 GER / Bonn / Bla

08.09.2014 GER / Osnabrück / Substanz

09.09.2014 GER / Hannover / Rattenloch

10.09.2014 GER / Berlin / Wild at Heart

12.09.2014 GER / Nürnberg / Coal Club

13.09.2014 A / Wien / Das Bach w/ Dee Cracks

14.09.2014 A / Graz / Sub

15.09.2014 A / Innsbruck / PMK

16.09.2014 I / Genova/ Terra di Nessuno

17.09.2014 CH / Geneva / L'Ecurie

18.09.2014 FRA / Lyon / Warm Audio

19.09.2014 FRA / Morthormiers / Festival l'Automne de Morthormiers

20.09.2014 FRA / Clermont Ferrand / Raymond Bar

21.09.2014 FRA / Toulouse / La Dynamo