Listen to BLXPLTN's New Burner, "Start Fires"

Note: We are not liable for any fires started.

Jul 21 2014, 4:40pm

Fake punx always try to claim they’re tough as hell by lying they’ve burned shit before. If some fuckboy emogoth is trying to tell you that they have burnt down a forest in the past “just for fun,” you should probably set them and their friends on fire. On the other hand, BLXPLTN from Austin, TX will beat your brains in with guitars, electronics, or really anything they can get their hands on. Their brand new single “Start Fires” rips out every influence it can find, from electroclash to hardcore, and serves it up on a slab. The song blends organic instruments with the synthetic, throwing it all under a nice, crunchy electronic filter. Doesn’t matter what hat they put on; BLXPLTN are going to burn down the stage, the crowd, and your house.

BLXPLTN are currently working on their debut album Black Cop Down, to be released this October. Catch the band at Afropunk Festival this August in Brooklyn, and light the stage, a flag, or somebody on fire when they play (note: Noisey is not liable for any damages that may be ensued).