Listen to a New Song from Tiny Empires (Featuring Members of O Pioneers!!!)

Hoarse and desperate punk, just the way you like it.

Mar 19 2014, 2:15pm

Eric Solomon always sounds like he’s on the last day of tour. He practically put a trademark on the sound of hoarse desperation in his voice with his work in O Pioneers!!!. With his new band, Tiny Empires, Solomon sounds hoarser and more desperate than ever. Tiny Empires’ debut album, Weird Headspace, sounds like all of your favorite No Idea Records releases pressed into one—gravelly punk rock that makes the most out of its own imperfections. Check out a song from it below and marvel at the grim anxiety in their voices as they shout, “Watch it fall apart! Watch it break down!”

The album is out on April 15 and they're only pressing 250 copies so better get on that.