Watch Pink Avalanche's New Video for "Empty Spaces"

Playing like you mean it should never go out of style.

Oct 24 2014, 3:05pm

There’s a magical land in between Brooklyn and Oakland, called the Midwest, where it’s impossible to buy seltzer at convenience stores but the population makes up for this bullshit by making it mandatory from birth to listen to Archers of Loaf and Pegboy exclusively. It’s an odd culture but it works.

Pink Avalanche is from the capitol of The America That Exists Without Seltzer, Chicago. The singer/guitarist is Che Arthur, who previously put in work as the main force in the local, much mourned beloveds, Atombombpocketknife, has done live sound engineering for Bob Mould and Russian Circles, and only hangs out with dudes with really dry senses of humor and pragmatic tattoos. His wedding vows were just the liner notes to Throb Throb (probably). And Che’s band is really committed to the not-garbage aspects of ‘90s revivalism. But to call Pink Avalanche, with its Jawbreaker vocals backed by all the best kind of Touching and Going, “revivalism” is hardly fair. They lurch and pound within a tradition, yes, but they sound only like their own selves and anyway, playing like you mean it should never go out of style.

Pink Avalanche’s second album, The Luminous Heart of Nowhere, is out November 18th on Past/Future Records. They were kind enough to share their new video for In "Empty Spaces" with Noisey. The video, like the band, is stark but inventive. Pink Avalanche is touring with the woefully underappreciated ex-Unwound luminaries in Survival Knife and Hungry Ghost.

11/14 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean *
11/15 Grand Rapids, MI @ Founder's Brewery *
11/16 Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness *
11/17 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop *
11/18 Philadelphia, PA @ The Boot and Saddle *
11/19 Washington, DC @ DC9 *
11/20 Allston, MA @ Great Scott *
11/21 Pawtucket, RI @ The Met *
11/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar * w/ Obits

* W/ Survival Knife, Hungry Ghost