Shut Up and Listen To "Cram It," a New Song From New Orleans Punks Gland

Listen to “Cram It,” their first single off their debut tape Neurotica now.

Apr 6 2016, 3:06pm

Image via band

Do you remember last week, when Noisey premiered Stars at Night’s first single and I said they just completely fucked me up? Well, just when I thought I was safe, just when I thought I had recovered, along came Gland.

Gland is a punk band from New Orleans, and that’s all I know about them. That's also all they'll tell us about themselves. They’re making punk cool as hell again, one surf-rock harmony at a time. Their music will make you want to do something—anything—in the destructive way punk music is supposed to make you feel. They incorporate themes of BDSM, anger, and an anti-capitalist agenda in their songs akin to the way G.L.O.S.S. took the music world by storm last year.

‘''Cram It’ is an anthem about being pissed and annoyed, taking fed up feelings and turning them into something we can shout about” the band told me via email. “When performing this, we daydream of flipping tables, throwing drinks, and being carried out by bouncers while spitting in the faces of those who have wronged us.”

Show me a person who claims to have never felt like flipping tables and starting a fight and I will show you someone who is lame.

Listen to “Cram It,” their first single off their debut tape Neurotica now. You can preorder their album here. Now, go punch something and tell a douchebag to cram it.

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