Listen to "This May Be Me," 100s' New Song as Kossisko

It's 100 percent pure, unfiltered sex.

Feb 17 2015, 8:20pm

What's in a name? I'm pretty sure Shakespeare wrote that, or maybe it was Diddy, around the time he dropped the P. from his name because it was getting in the way of his connection with his fans. This is the question we must ask ourselves about 100s, who recently ditched his name and the pimp-rap persona that came with it. For fans of impenetrable mack music, this felt like a deathblow. 100s' debut mixtape Ice Cold Perm signaled the arrival of a brave new old soul in the Bay Area's stuffed to the gills rap scene. His follow-up EP Ivry was nothing short of breathtaking, a genre-defying collection of freaky fuck-funk with impeccable raps laid atop them.

But people grow up, our sex drives decrease, and maybe we don't want our legacy to just be songs about fucking. Perhaps because of the strict association of the 100s name with a single concept, or perhaps because if you take the two zeros and the one and rearrange them it kinda looks like a dick with some balls, 100s flipped a 360 and rebranded to Kossisko back in September, collaborating with Rainy Milo for a cover of The Clash's "Bankrobber." Below is "This May Be Me," 100s first solo song as Kossisko, and it's nothing like you'd expect given his old work, yet it makes total sense. If Ivry was steadfastly loyal to synth-funk classics, "This May Be Me" takes its cues from steamy, sexy early 80s soft-rock and new wave. I would write more, but at this point I'm sweating through my shirt and need to go cool off now.