Watch White Arrows' Visceral Video for "Nobody Cares"

A naked dude running through the city has never sounded so good.

Feb 9 2015, 3:15pm

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Taken from White Arrows' sophomore album In Bardo, "Nobody Cares" is a slice of seductive pop with undertones of anxiety, but the video—premiering above—elevates it to a whole other visceral world.

It follows a dude running around naked—through alleys next to Skid Row, past police sirens, and into a club, where he convulses and spins in circles under a mess of neon lights while a crowd looks on—confused, shocked, a little sad and a little mad. Amazingly, the entire thing was filmed in as little as two or three shots.

White Arrows singer Mickey Church says, "This song means a lot to me, so when going through treatments, I was looking for something cinematic. Something that could potentially be part of a larger loose narrative with the rest of the album. I think about "Nobody Cares" at least once a week—the sentiment. I get angry about it, sad about it, annoyed about it, and liberated by it."

In Bardo is out now and available through iTunes.