Not for Wimps: Stream Scandinavian Speed Demons Speedtrap's New Album, 'Straight Shooter'

If it’s too loud, you’re too old.

Sep 9 2015, 3:08pm

Photo courtesy of Svart Records

Speed metal is back in a big way, courtesy of Finnish Banzai Records celebrants Speedtrap. The Tank-worshipping Lappeenranta quintet takes punk riffs and turns up the tempo, lacing Jori Sara-aho’s unusual wailing vocals atop the melee. With production lovingly lifted from the classic 80s style, their second full-length, Straight Shooter, is eight tracks of savage glory, with lyrics not unlike those found in Manowar’s heyday. Hell, their unapologetic slogan declares that this music is “Not for Wimps.”

The Svart Records release drops this Friday, September 11. Straight Shooter continues the sonic assault found on their 2013 debut, Powerdose, and 2009 EP, Raw Deal: that is, with frequently duelling melodic guitars, incessantly battering drums, and appropriately scruffy production set to traditional metal and some bluesy, rock riffs amidst the squealing slide of fingers down a fret board. The artwork even depicts a man wielding a guitar machine gun (think more Ted Nugent’s Weekend Warriors than the captured abomination in Mad Max: Fury Road).

So crush a beer, turn it up, and remember: if it’s too loud, you’re too old. Get the hell out, ‘cause you’ve been told!