Listen to Two New Toro y Moi Songs Now

"2 Late" and "That Instead of This" follow April's 'What For?'

Jun 27 2015, 4:09pm

Toro y Moi's breezy indie rock excursion What For? is only a couple weeks old and still very much season appropriate, but Toro mastermind Chaz Bundick is already making new moves. He dropped off a new Kool A.D. and SAFE-assisted cut called "2Late" at Soundcloud yesterday, and today, he unveils another, titled "That Instead of This." Both trade in the peppy, classicist guitar rock of What For?, leaning instead toward icy electronics closer in mood and texture to Toro's Anything in Return and Chaz's explicitly dance-oriented side project Les Sins. Stream "2Late" and "That Instead of This" below.