Whirr Got Dropped by Their Record Label for Tweeting Transphobic Bullshit

The internet was swift and merciless.

Oct 20 2015, 4:56am

G.L.O.S.S. is a punk band who released one of the most important demos of the last few years a few months ago—five brutal and forceful transgender anthems. Before we even continue, you should go listen to it.

Whirr is some run-of-the-mill shoegaze band that attempts to stay relevant by hurling bullshit on the internet.

Whirr hurled such bullshit tonight about G.L.O.S.S. and it did not work out for them. It all started with this bullshit tweet (which has since been deleted):

They then explained further to those who asked what the fuck they were talking about with that bullshit:

And then the one that pushed it over the edge, which I’m hesitant to even include, but it’s good to see the bullshit that we are dealing with here.

Many people did not care for this bullshit and were vocal about it:

And possibly the most accurately cutting critique:

The singer of G.L.O.S.S. even apparently joined Twitter to dig into the bullshit:

Then, Whirr's label, Run for Cover Records, through whom they have released two splits and an EP, promptly got involved.

There you have it. The internet was swift and merciless. Whirr's most recent LP was released on Graveface Records who have not yet weighed in. Whirr continues to tweet bullshit.

UPDATE: Although they didn't specficially say they would sever ties with the band, Graveface did tweet this:

Whirr has sobered up this morning and went for the Twitter apology Hail Mary:

Pitchfork asked Run for Cover if the band's apology changed things. This is what they said:

"Frankly, no, it doesn’t change anything. We were aware of the information in Whirr’s statement when we made the decision. Although the band is not signed to our label, and never have been, we have decided to not work with them in the future, and stop selling their releases we did have a hand in. Also, despite being at a financial net loss with Whirr and Camera Shy, we will be donating $3,000 to a TBA non profit in support of equal rights for LGBTQ.

We will be posting what organization later today, we just didn’t want to jump the gun on that decision."