Listen to Maritime's New Album 'Magnetic Bodies/Maps of Bones'

The Milwaukee four-piece continues to step out of The Promise Ring's shadow on their fifth album.

Oct 12 2015, 3:11pm

For many years, Maritime was the band guilty of being not being The Promise Ring. The Milwaukee four-piece, which consists of The Promise Ring’s Davey von Bohlen and Dan Didier, seemed doomed to forever live in the long shadow of their predecessor. But now, as Maritime heads into their fifth album with under a decade under their belt, there’s no question that the band has come into their own.

Maritime’s sound is aging beautifully. Songs like “Satellite Love” and its hypnotic beat throughout stand up to any song the band has written, while “Light You Up” and deep track “Love You In The Dark” anchor an album both full of hooks and the mantra “all killer, no filler.” For certain on this release, von Bohlen’s lyrics will continue to be lines etched into the notebooks of your life. When you make music together for 20 years as von Bohlen and Didier have, these things are bound to happen. Magnetic Bodies/Maps of Bones takes the indie-pop sound they’ve honed since 2003 to magnificent results. Classic even.

Magnetic Bodies/Maps of Bones is out on October 16 via Dangerbird Records. You can listen to the album below. Pre-order it right here.