Swagger On: Here's "New Age Kid" by LA's Beat Club

Jeff Kite from Julian Casablancas + The Voidz drops this slick lick of a song that takes a pop at the bewitching vortex that is social media.

Feb 2 2016, 3:35pm

There are so many aspects of this song that instantly appeal:

1. The shuffled beats.

2. The hip wiggle-inducing bassline.

3. The hushed doo-wop doo-wop refrains.

4. The psych-pop swagger of singer Jeff Kite's vocal—and yeah, it would be remiss not to mention the Lennon lean of his voice—combined with those warm organ chords.


Perhaps you recognize Kite's name as the keyboardist in Julian Casablancas's wild man crew The Voidz (he's the one on the far right in stonewash, above), but apart from traipsing the world with JC and co. he also fronts Beat Club, an LA-based bunch of friends who all play in different bands but decided to start making music together a couple years ago. Since then they've released two EPs, played live whenever their schedule allows, and you can listen to more of their louche grooves right here.

"We recorded 'New Age Kid' quickly, a lot of what’s in there are first takes," explains Kite. "We started with those boogying snare drums. Then the bass and guitar dug deeper into the rhythm and the keyboards soared around everything creating this airy, psychedelic, Kool & the Gang vibe. It felt exciting to play so we just let the end ride out for a while. We also wanted the spirit of the music to reflect the subject of the song which I wrote about people's incessant relationship with social media."

Ah so he's not singing about people who are into crystals. Got it. Also ugh. Social media. Honestly: show me a man who's not thirsting all over Instagram trying to solidify his "brand" and I'll marry him. Fuck FOMO, frankly.

In any case keep your ears cocked for more from Beat Club, but in the meantime listen to "New Age Kid" below: