Brain Melters - Hurricanes of Love

He's on some life-altering, holy pimp vibe, and I'm not quite sure I understand what he's up to.

Mar 1 2012, 12:05am
In the beginning of Don Quixote, the man of La Mancha is a crazy fuck with delusions of knighthood. He journeys around in a "suit of armor" made of random bits of metal strapped to his body. 1000 pages later, Quixote's sarcastic squire is convinced of his master’s greatness, and Quixote becomes a sympathetic character. Don Quixote wills himself into knighthood.

Whenever I go to a Frank Hurricayne show, every single conversation in the club runs something like, "Man, I just talked to the strangest dude. He looked at me and went 'waaaassuuuup, heavenly brother, Heeeeeellllllll yeah' and was so mind bogglingly posi about everything I said.” People can't wrap their heads around Frank's speech patterns—it's like a Skype chat between a Jodorowskian mystic, Too $hort, and a motivational speaker. At first you're, I can't deal with this shit right now, this is too intense. Frank is a heavenly, lyfealtering gangster and he's on some total other level.

When Frank's band Hurricanes Of Love plays, conversations completely stop. People either leave the bar, or laugh uncontrollably at this Deadhead-cum-Fahey rambling about smoking weed with a saint on a holy mountain. As slick as Frank's fingerpicking and songwriting has gotten, what's most amazing to me is the cult of personality Frank seems to be cultivating.

Hurricanes of Love is part of the Whitehaus Family, a DIY venue and record label up in Massachusetts. There are a lot of other really talented bands up there. Guerilla Toss is an amazing prog trio that recently toured with Hurricanes of Love. Quilt, Truman Peyote and Invisible Circle are in the mix too. Whithaus is really one of the central lightning rods of freakiness up in the Boston area and it's totally worth your time to click around the Whitehaus Family website to get into that scene.

A few months ago, Frank moved to New York. It’s insane how this standoff-ish town has warmly welcomed him. Frank spent the past few months recording an album at Colin L's studio (of USA is a Monster and Colin L Orchestra) in Greenpoint and performing as the first ever musician in residence at Brooklyn's great new DIY venue Big Snow. In early March, Frank is beginning a two-month tour all around the US with Invisible Circle. It seems like there are still some dates TBA, so help some brothers out by checking the holy tour itinerary here.