Mac Miller Covered Bright Eyes and It's Sorta Amazing

Today in "Uh, What?" news, Mac Miller takes on The Mighty Sad One himself.

Feb 6 2014, 5:45pm

Today in "Uh, what?" News, I went on the internet this morning to find that Friend of the Blog Mac Miller decided to cover Bright Eyes' "Lua" at 4am last night. Because he is a rapper and rappers do not normally record straight-faced covers of Conor Oberst songs, his fans seem both confused and hesitantly optimistic about this, except judging by the comments it's pretty clear not many of them heard of Bright Eyes. This isn't the first time he's covered The Mighty Sad One, however—he dropped a cover of "First Day of My Life" about a year and a half back. Stream it below, and below that, check out "PlaneCarBoat," his recent, non-Bright Eyes-related collaboration with SchoolBoy Q, below that.