Prelow's "Mistakes Like This" Tells it Like it is

Is being bossed about by your genitals a really bad idea, really?

Jul 14 2014, 3:15pm

Matt Walsh and Jesse Aicher are the two 22-year-olds who make up NYC's Prelow. Thus far they've only posted two songs on their soundcloud: the plinkety chill-pop of "Simple Song" and "For the Team," a kind of indie-tronica on ice. Above is the first listen of their new song "Mistakes Like This," which is accompanied not by a traditional video per se, but more a looped visual that sees them falling repeatedly into a pool and backwards-emerging from it. They also spend a good deal of time lurking in the water like a busted version of Neve Campbell and Denise Richards on the cover of sexy-schlocky movie Wild Things.

What's great about this song—apart from its slyly catchy melody—is the hilariously upfront chorus which runs:

"And my dick takes over/
And I'm thinking about your lips/
But we're too damn sober/
For mistakes like this."

As someone whose New Year's resolution was to not overthink/overanalyze life and all its situations for the next 12 months, I highly suggest singer Jesse just follows the demands of his dick and let's life take its course. Alcohol intake is optional.

P.S. If you've got something against YouTube here's the song in soundcloud format too.

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