Leave Your Body Behind and Listen to Knola's Debut LP, 'To The Rhythm'

On their first full-length record, To The Rhythm, Knola mixes the atmospheric, indie, and emo genres together so effortlessly it's almost rude.

Annalise Domenighini

Annalise Domenighini

Photo courtesy of Knola

Knola is a band, or rather, a collective, of former members of William Bonney, XERXES, Midwest Pen Pals, and The Exploration. J On their first full-length record, To The Rhythm, Jack Senff on guitar and vocals, Garret Cabello on bass, and Joseph Goode on drums mix atmospheric, indie, and emo together so effortlessly it's almost rude. While the first listen might sound familiar, hit play again before writing them off.

“There are giants in the water too far out for us to swim” Senff croons on "Ruby Beach," less a love song than a warning to be careful in how you love. The LP focuses on and repeats themes of love and loss and distance. In many of the songs you can hear a kind of dissociation between world and singer, as if Senff has physically come out of the songs, personally narrating the album's events to you, looking down together and watching a life unfold.

Stream the full album below once, or twice, or maybe a million times.

You can pre-order the album here, out June 10 via Skeletal Lightning.

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