Migos Want All You Nerds to Realize How Great They Are in "Recognition"

'YRN: Tha Album' is shaping up to be a monster.

Jul 9 2015, 3:44pm

If you're not recognizing Migos, there's something seriously wrong with you. They've become an absolute force in music in a short amount of time without the help of a major label. Since then, their flow has been imitated poorly by every sucker trying to slide you a mixtape. But nothing can come close to the original, especially in their new track "Recognition," a cut which comes off of the upcoming YRN: Tha Album. It shows Migos a lot slower than what you might expect, given their other music, but the back and forth verses fit neatly into the song's grinding beat. You could probably listen to this when you're feeling shitty about yourself, and pretend that you're a Migo.

Listen below, and check out their other recent track "Pipe It Up."

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