Listen to the Debut EP from Strangelight (Featuring Geoff Rickly and Members of Made Out of Babies)

Plus they named their band after a Fugazi song, so...

Oct 7 2013, 6:57pm

Geoff Rickly has had his hand in a lot of diverse projects over the last few years. Between his mellowed out solo acoustic endeavor, his ridiculously explosive grind band, United Nations, and of course hiatused emo legends, Thursday, Rickly’s been a busy guy. His new project, Strangelight is this perfect storm of all things Rickly.

Armed with members of Goes Cube, Red Sparowes, and everyone’s favoritely named band, Made Out Of Babies, the band combines elements of post-hardcore, screamo, and maybe even a little emo. The end result comes off sounding like something you might find on Dischord’s roster in the ‘90s. If you’d like an understanding of where this band is coming from musically, consider that their name is taken from a song on Fugazi’s The Argument. Or, if you’d like to form your own damn opinions about where the band is coming from musically, you can stream Strangelight’s entire debut EP, 9 Days, below.

9 Days will be released in 1 day (aka tomorrow) via Sacrament Music.