6 Things We Know About Drake’s ‘Views From The 6’

Here are six things that may or may not be true about Drake's upcoming album.

Jul 15 2014, 7:10pm

Billboard has reported that, according to an issued press release, Drake's new album will be titled Views From The 6, which immediately left many to wonder about many things. What is the 6? Is it the same thing that Jennifer Lopez sang about? Is it about an actual view, or about that group of four women on ABC? We're here to quell any and all rumours with a handy listicle that should help you understand what to expect from The Boy, thanks to the numerous sources we've interviewed for this story.

1. Prepare for a lot of East vs. West references.

Some of the music that the artists from OVO Sound have been putting out directly references the Eastern and Western parts of the Greater Toronto Area. Between PartyNextDoor being from the city of Missisauga (West) and Drake putting on heavily for Scarborough (East) on Nothing Was The Same and on his recent loosies, it’s reasonable to think that Views From The 6 will show you both sides of the city. There may also be a few allusions to the Northern part of Toronto, where residents from the “other” area code of 905 are represented, but since it’s not called Views From The 9, don’t wait on it.

2. What rhymes with ‘ESPYS’? And ‘Capcom’?

The Boy has been busy since his last album has come out, taking part in activities that are typically reserved for icons. You know, stuff like hosting the ESPYS, having Outkast perform at a his privately run, publicly-funded festival, or going on a national tour with Lil’ Wayne that will be sponsored by Capcom that’s described as being “a battle” on stage. It’s not a question of whether or not these accomplishments will be mentioned, but a matter of how much panache will be exhibited while these references are dropped. Free idea: “I’m hosting the ESPYS while you’re on my testes / Said, ‘I wanna rap, mom’ while the other kids was playing Capcom”

3. Jimmy Johnson will likely be on it.

Photo courtesy of Undisposable

Drake is a trendsetter, but the entire concept behind “The 6” came from OVO-affiliate Jimmy Johnson, who has been calling Toronto “The 6” in honour of the city’s main area codes: 416 and 647, for the better part of this year. Everyone knows that when Drake uses an idea you had, you're entitled to an owl pendant, which can be redeemed for special rewards, ranging from an Instagram comment from Drake (one pendant) to a feature on his album (four pendants). Word around town is that Jimmy has managed to collect five pendants already, which means that his distorted robo-raps will likely be featured on Drake's upcoming album.

4. Guest features might include Rob Ford, and an actual owl.

Drake’s been putting on for Toronto heavily throughout his career, and apparently he’s timed to release of this album to ensure that Rob Ford will be out of office and allowed to be able to participate in the making of this new project. Our sources have been unable to confirm whether Rob’s voice will be used as a sample or if he’ll be dropping a verse or two, but the owl will likely be acting as an executive producer for the album.

5. Multiple lines were rewritten to reflect Drake's new favourite sports teams.

Fun fact: it’s really hard to rhyme stuff with “Cavalier.” According to multiple sources, Drake has been locked in a fragrant studio since draft day, banging his head against a wall in the hopes of finding a solution. So far, he’s only managed to come up with “audio engineer,” and that’s because he was staring at the soundboard the entire time.

6. Drake will spend his entire fortune in an effort to free himself from material possessions.

He doesn’t like to make a big deal out of it, but Drake is a practicing buddhist monk, and has been since the start of this June. As such, he has been living an ascetic lifestyle that encourages him to part with all earthly possessions. Originally planning on filling King of Diamonds with dollar bills and encouraging the dancers to swim through it like Scrooge McDuck, Drake figured that the best use of his money would be to spend it on the making of this album. As such, he plans on piling a space shuttle with beautiful women and recording equipment in order to orbit around Mercury, record forlorn songs about women, and get his ass eaten.

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